Become our partner

Become our partner


Your benefits


Use the image of CITY 5 and its presence on social networks to increase your brand.

  • Full web visibility through simple banners
  • Your logo on each post on our social networks
  • Your logo on our flyers distributed in school, colleges, hotels, restaurants, shops…
  • Your logo on our jerseys :


Digital at the heart of our strategies


  • More than 100.000 cumulative views on Facebook and Youtube
  • Lands filmed with an innovative system to move your brand from the center to social networks.
  • A search for innovation to offer ever more digital activations to our customers


Physical visibility within our center to be at the heart of the game and see your reputation boosted!


  • Full visibility with land branded and named to your brand;



  • Your Logo in The café : TV with broadcasted match, TV with PlayStation, café, foods…
  • 50 players a day gives you unconventional visibility everytime


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Padeep TILLAI – Owner of CITY 5 and sponsoring manager

+ 91 70949 43878

+91 94878 64908

[email protected]