Don’t miss the first edition of the CITY 5 E-CUP

The 18th August 2019 will take place the first edition of a new concept: the CITY 5 E-CUP. For all video games lovers, especially football fans, this competition on PS3 will enable them to show their talent and after a long waiting time, confront the Pondicherian cream of the crop. Volleyed return, shoot in the top corner, killer tackles, one touch ball game, all strategies as sly one another are allowed to win the trophy and take part of history. Come and enjoy a great afternoon with your neighbours, drinking soda, eating wrappatis, speculating on the next winner of the Indian Super League, doing penalty shoot out on our quality field while your competitors are struggling for the third place on the playstation. To participate, just contact us on our social networks or via Whatsapp. Hope to see you soon !!!

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