Friendly match: CITY 5 vs KD FC

Saturday, 28th September 2019, CITY 5 organized a friendly match against the best team of Pondicherry University that won the Inspire Cup, KD FC. A huge crowd were present, parents and children from CITY 5 were invited. For this match, the CITY 5 Fanatics put on a great spread with a blue-white-red tifo above the goal and an Indian flag on the side. Before the match, people gathered at CITY 5 Café upstairs to drink some teas and coffees and predict the score. The visitors also brought their supporters, that lined up among the Fanatics, in a relaxed atmosphere.

On the field, players are greeting, taking pictures together, the calm before the storm. The match starts, CITY 5 is dominating, has to hold its own as National Futsal Champion 2019. At half-time, CITY 5 is leading for the enjoyment of parents and friends. KD FC supporters are sceptical, but it was without considering the motivation and the slyness of their players. The coach decides to substitute some players and implements a tactical readjustment. The students come back more determinated than ever, the Lion not having killed its prey yet. Their serious and application on the playground allowed them to make CITY 5 doubt and to perpetrate fatal errors. At the end, with the adrenaline and the support of the public, KD FC won what had to be a friendly match but that finished in a Champions League one. Hugs, applauses, photos with the heroes of one night, spectators were grateful as well as KD FC manager that confided us its feeling of pride. Stay tuned for the revenge.

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