Great success for the first edition of the CITY 5 E-cup

They were 10 people of all ages to participate in the first edition of the CITY 5 E-cup, a Fifa 18 tournament on PS3 (Sunday 18th August). Divided in 2 groups of 5 people they struggled until the last minute to overtake some points, some goals as groupstages are very tight. For the new event, we appealed two sponsors from Pondicherry, specialized in virtual reality games: Let’s Go Gamehub, a fresh game area where you can have fun on console games and racing games and Fun World, a lasertag area paired up with funny activities for children. The D-Day, we offered some discounts in City 5 Café with a marbled cake baked with love and tenderness. Moreover, the football pitch was available between during the tournament to allow players to decompress and think about a new game strategy.

Through time, people were strenghtening guessing each other strategy, analysing the matches and the erros perpetrated in order to take advantage of the lowest flaw. After some hours, we were already seeing some young pretenders for the supreme title in each group: Shyam and Rodolfo. It was without taking into account the hidden faculties of older participants, Krishna and Goutham that hadn’t used their centerpiece yet.

Too confident, the young promising players were eliminated in the semi-finals facing solid opponents that had read their mind. Finally, the final game led to Goutham’s victory that got 1 free hour of Virtual Reality game in Let’s Go Gamehub Pondy. The second got a 50% discount on a lasergame game in Funworld Pondy while the third obtained the quality City 5 bag.

Next step the 15th September, the second edition of City 5 E-Cup (under 15). Be on time!!!

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