Great success of the Corporate Tournament organized by CITY 5!

It was under a beautiful and hot sun that the Corporate Tournament of CITY 5 Football Club took place this Sunday, December 9th, 2018. Directed by Mr. Pradeep TILLAI, and CITY 5 staff, this tournament reflected values of sport and football such as respect, courage, fighting spirit and sharing.

The competition brought together 12 teams from Pondicherry and beyond. Some motivated companies such as PPTS and Amazon came from Coimbatore to play this tournament.

                                                                                                                                                         Amazon Team    

CITY 5 club wants to thank all the people who came during this day : players, coaches, referees, parents, friends, because this tournament has welcomed about 150 people. As well as all companies that have agreed to participate in this tournament: PPTS (team 1 et 2), Villa Shanti, Redcarpet, Integra, Cap & Totties, Amazon, Dices Studios, Garçon, Sunway, and Sellermania.


Winner: PPTS (team 1)


3rd place : PPTS (team 2)

MVP (best player) : Venkatesh (PPTS, team 1)


The competition took place in a very beautiful atmosphere with a perfect organization. Players evolved in art of the state sports facilities, indeed CITY 5 is equipped with an advanced turf field and a Café with a ground overview, ideal place to relax between matches. Moreover, a very special guest honoured us with her presence : Mrs. Catherine Suard, Consul General of France in Pondicherry and Chennai. She came to see the final and she distributed prizes at the end of the day.

                                                                                                                                    Finalists PPTS team vs Dice Studios team

The latter gave a speech after the final that opposed PPTS against Dice Studios. The Consul said she was “impressed by the infrastructure and premises of CITY 5” and wanted “to thank the organizers of CITY 5 as well as all the people and companies that participated in this Corporate Tournament”. Furthermore, Madame Catherine Suard, was impressed by the level of the two finalists, PPTS and Dice Studios and she congratulated them.

                                                                                                                                    Closing ceremony with Catherine Suard


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