Join City 5 Women Team

In City 5, we aim at promoting football for everyone. No need to juggle the ball like Ronaldo, to dribble around like Messi or to make sombreros like Neymar. In City 5, you will learn everything thanks to our certified coaches by the Indian Federation. One objective: doing sports and having fun during training session. Football is an art, a collective sport that allies self accomplishment and team spirit. Those values that you acquire quickly by playing with us will be useful for your whole professional and personal life. Besides, City 5 is a family, every member plays his part in building it and we will be glad to welcome you and make you meet wonderful teammates. Moreover, training is good but competing is better. Our improving women football team will take part in several tournament all around India, a rewarding experience for you, going to discover new cultures and new lifestyles. India is broad and you will never finish visiting and learning. Hope to see you very soon on our field.

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