June 29th 2018 – The dream becomes a reality

The project begins to be a reality for every CITY 5 members Team and Staff.

4 players and 2 staff members have left Puducherry (India) in order to reach Paris (France) and join the rest of the team.

Our staff is composedof Pradeep Tillai (director of CITY 5), Cédric (head coach), Franck Tomaszczyk (assistant coach), Franck Pogmam (assistant coach), Diez Glai (mental coach), Lucas Zonco and Elio Ordonez (project manager), Maud Rigaudiere (communication officer)

Our team is composed of hidden talents but also some players having an existing notoriety with previous experiences in professional or semi-professional clubs. For example our goal keeper Vinaya Seshan is a professional football player and a three-time gold medalist of dance at the World Cup of Germany or our left wing Palani Rajkiran who has played in the Indian Super League (ISL) for years.

Moreover we can count on the support of two professional French players who played also in India : Cédric Hengbart and Bernard Mendy. Both of them are influencers on Social Media with an important fan base and followers which allows us to spread our project.

All of that is the result of a great organization within CITY 5. An international project carried out in only 4 months !

  • First we had to organize trials in both France and India to create the CITY 5 team INDIA. To do so, we first organize trials in Bangalore and Puducherry first and then in Orsay and Guyancourt during the month of April.

  • We had to design and fabricate a new Jersey for the World Cup. So we decided to turn the colors of CITY 5 into the ones of the Indian flag.

  • For the success of this project we needed to find some support. To do so we created a sponsorship brochure in order to collect funds. Like that Easyway Travel Agency decided to support us by giving us a significant reduction on our flight tickets and helping us with visa applications. We also have Dindigul Thalappakatti Restaurant as sponsor to eat healthy and local food after the match. Finally we raised money online from people who believe in our first international project which puts India on the first plan

  • when everything was ready, we released content on social medias and in the Indian press according to our plan of communication.

We thank our donors, sponsors and ambassadors for their amazing support.

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