National League

The Pondicherry (CITY 5) U15 team, led by the captain of the Senior team of Pondicherry, showed their extreme talent and determination at the 2020 Futsal National Championship in Pune. After being undefeated in the group phase, the players were very close to getting their first national title.They were able to make it all the way to the final match against Tamil Nadu. It was a spectacular match between the two teams and an all-out scoring rampage on both sides, ending in a 6-6 draw, with only penalties to decide the winner. 

In view of their performances, five players were able to claim a place to defend their country’s colors at the 2020 Futsal World Cup, which will be held in Paraguay.

On this list, we had the best player and scorer of the tournament, Esteban, who exploded the records with 19 goals in 6 games. The other players that were given this honor were Kishore (team captain), Nish, Darshan, Arya. The club’s manager had high praises for their great performance: “I am incredibly proud of the way our players represented Pondicherry and everything they were able to achieve…”. said Pradeep TILLAI, Secretary General of the Futsal Association of Pondicherry and owner of the CITY 5 Football Club.