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For ES Guyancourt, a French amateur Football Club with a strong presence in Paris and close to Paris, this is its first foray into the international football industry, in India. This partnership allows to benefit from a mutual assistance and to open perspectives on exchanges of competences. On this basis that the partnership has started, it’s why CITY 5 became the jersey sponsorship of ES Guyancourt Football Club.

CITY 5 Football Club and the French Futsal Club ES Guyancourt have both a unique position in sports and style. Indeed, the relationships between both Football Clubs are very good, and bringing about a feeling of companionship in the partnership.


« Our association is natural, we are delighted to unite our two communities of passionate people. Our partnership is linked by Cédric’s presence in the ES Guyancourt team. And we sincerely hope that this is only the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship, one that will bolster our presence in France. »

M. Pradeep TILLAI.


« With this partnership, the team of ES Guyancourt can continue to develop and aim internationnal by benefiting from a mutual assistance with CITY 5. For ESG, the advantage is to invest in the development of practice in India. Over the years, we have shown that we are one of the leading team in amateur sport in Paris and our results and progress guarantee maximum exposure and visibility »

M. Cedric Loroy

ES Guyancourt Senior Team in France