CITY 5 under 15 tournament: Budding top players

On Sunday, 29th September 2019, took place the long-awaited under 15 tournament, the opportunity for players from all over Tamil Nadu to express and to show their skills. From their arrival, teams were mistrusting, coaches encouraging and players were united. When CITY 5 staff displayed the groups, everyone was confused, not having any knowledge about their opponents, except about ONE: CITY 5. Everyone knew that this team at home was formidable, sweeping away everything on its path. Nobody wanted to be in their pool. But a tournament is done to be won and the keyword is “give it all you have”. No way to have travelled 100 km to bolt.

The first matches are very open, some teams are weaker than the others and parents in the Café are enjoying. Between matches, players stay to watch the other games, analyse them to implement new strategies or go upstairs to play table football and drink sodas. The day is sunny, the organization is lit, the participants are satisfied. Besides, the decoration is intact, CITY 5 is complimented for the efforts. After 2 hours of game, the qualified teams for the semi-finals are known. Players rush downstairs to hear the announcement, some jump for joy while the others comfort themselves. Surprise! City 5 is qualified and the teams that made the long trip from Cuddalore or Karaikal also. It is a reward for their efforts.

The first semi-final confronts CCK and the young and talented Playmakers. With a well established strategy, they make their opponents foil and they qualify serenely for the final. In the second one, City 5 has more trouble in making the difference but relies on its patience and technique.

The final between CITY 5 A and Playmakers is completely logical as both teams controlled their opponents all along the tournament. City 5 is favourite so takes the game in hand, Playmakers defends and counterattacks. After full time, they are drawing. The extra time is the best way to see who has the higher stamina. On this point, CITY 5 maybe thanks to the supporters, makes the difference with two goals perfectly realized technically. The referee whistles the end of the game, our players deserve their title and hasten to hug their family and friends.

The prize giving is very friendly, the other teams are fair-play and make photos with everyone as an unforgettable memory.

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