Tournaments in France

Mondial de France  

The Mondial de France is a 7-A-Side Football competition that takes place every year in Paris and more precisely Viroflay. Teams representing nations from all over the world are invited to take part in the tournament. The level was really high but CITY 5 Team India had been preparing itself for quite some time and they finished in the 5th rank. We are hoping to participate next year and we might be forming a feminine team to compete in the Feminine Edition of the Mondial de France next year. 

Urbansoccer Guyancourt  

The Urbansoccer Tournament was the very first tournament that TEAM INDIA competed in. It was the just the beginning of an awsome adventure. After a whole day in the scorching heat, TEAM INDIA was able to beat all of its adversaries and win the competition. It was a great opportunity for us to show that India had its place in the football sphere. 

Tournament in Versailles  

Following a series of tournaments in France City 5 was once more invited to compete in Versailles and more precisely Porchefontaine. Although they didn’t win TEAM INDIA still made it to the quarter finals and it was still a great opportunity to learn and to practice.Thank you to everybody that has supported us and to our sponsors who have helped us make this dream into a reality.