Tournaments in India

Mondial de Pondy  


City 5 staff organized « Le mondial de Pondy » tournament : 10 teams for a tough competition, always with a great sportsmanship ! It was a great opportunity for all of us to come together around our passion ; football. 
Thank you all for coming and congratulations to the Woga team which won the tournament after a tight game against City 5 Team India in the final 

U-14 & U-16 Teams VS Vidhya Bhavam School  

In the course of the month of september, the Vidhya Bhavam School Football Team was invited to play against the U-14 and U-16  CITY 5 teams. The first game was won by the Vidhya Bhavam School Team but the second one was successfully won by the U-16 CITY 5 Team. It gave players a chance to see new faces and be confronted to a real challenge. 

Tournament in Bangalore

During the month of August 2018, TEAM INDIA was invited to compete in a tournament in Bangalore. It was the very first opportunity for TEAM INDIA to play in India together. The experience was very enjoyable and the level quite high. The team made it to the quarter finals but lost before they had  a chance to win the tournament. Despite this, it was still a great opportunity to practise and meet new people.