Trials for TEAM INDIA

Trials Lognes 2018

Here are some pictures taken during the trial organized in Lognes in september 2018. We saw some great skills and aptitudes on the field, we can be confident for the future of Team India 🇮🇳 Thank you all for coming ! 

Players : Fabien Tillai (coach), Tony Mariannie, L’Amiral Nelson, Rémi Hier Raymond Hier, Dinesh Durai, Anthony Caldicote, Mohamad Idrisse, Abdoullah Idrisse, Salih Mohamed, Marvin Nsp, Sylvain Mbn, Ajith Bcs, Mathieu Nsy, Jabir Vagab, Javid Vagab

Trials Sarcelles 2018 


Thanks to all the players who came to the trial in Sarcelles last week ! The future of Team India is bright 💥🇮🇳 

Players : Pradeep Tillaï (coach), Tony Mariannie,  Kévin Amavasse, Rémi Hier, Anesse Zizou, Anthony Caldicote, Yousouf Mohamed, Umar Asheck, Marvin Nsp, Silva Fallieres, Samir Basheer, Abdul Kareem, M US Senthu, Indran Mal, Julien Ünkut, Mathieu Nsy.

Trials Trappes 2018  


Throwback to this amazing day of our first trials in France to represent INDIA for the 7-A-Side World Cup in Paris. A big thank you to all the participants, the coaching staff as well as the media VDT ( VIE DE TAMOUL) and Tamil Express for having communicated on that major event Next steps: Pondicherry, Chennai and Bangalore. City5 x India