Women’s Team

CITY 5 wants to emphasize the love of football among our top tier female athletes. We provide intensive training for young female footballers to grow their skills and increase their interest in continuing their football career. We also have an adult women’s team that we encourage our athletes to join. They participate in various tournaments and get the chance to display their talent against fierce competition. We are also partnered with a second division female team in Bangalore and our ambassador Bernard Mendy is the current coach of PSG female Team, one of the best team in Europe.

One of our stand out players, Vinaya, is a pristine example of what our female athletes are capable of. Vinaya is an all star goalkeeper who earned the starting goalkeeper position on our CITY 5 France team. She competed against teams from all over the world in the 2019 7-A-Side World Cup in France. Also, Vinaya was a goalkeeper for the Bangalore United Football Club and has recently signed to a 3rd Division French Club. This is a massive step in her football career and she is ready take on any other opportunity that comes her way!